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Marvel, 4.20pm AEDT

$20,000 AUD on Draftstars ($15 entry, 35 max)
WEATHER: Under the roof.
BOOKIES: Bulldogs $1.07 favourites, 176.5 over/under.


Jed Anderson wasn’t messing around in his return form injury, posting a massive 127 AF from just 76% game-time with thanks largely to a herculean 14 tackles (when the next highest teammate had 5). His presence shifted everyone down a peg in the midfield rotation, with Tyson (-28% CBA share) and Stephenson (-15%) hit the hardest, while Scott slid over to a wing/HFF rotation. Powell hung on for a few, but the writing is on the wall in regards to his role – he’s looking at wing or bust with a fully fit fleet of midfielders. The Roos went in one defender short, which resulted in trials of Polec (wing), Josh Walker (key forward) and Zurhaar (mid-sized marking forward) down back. None succeeded. Lazzaro was impressive in a high half forward role, but that was one of the few positives from the Joeys who looked like they spent all their energy in a spirited Round 1 effort against Port. Ziebell’s kick-ins (7) are keeping his score afloat, and one thing’s for sure – the Roos will allow plenty of shots on goals (and therefore behinds) this year. 

Bevo resisted the urge to Bevo one game into the season, which meant that the Bulldogs retained the title of “tightest midfield rotations” so far. The one significant change was a few more CBA’s for Treloar, whose +18% was offset with a -23% from his new BFF in Dunkley. One to monitor, especially given that Dunkley is a much more effective forward than Treloar. Martin had a rough match-up against Naitanui so the 30 AF isn’t a huge surprise, especially with NicNat attending a huge (given his game-time) 91% of centre bounces. The positive thing is that he and English maintained their 80-20 ruck split to give us some semblance of predictability in that timeshare. Hunter’s wing/HFF rotation is officially an issue, scoring just 70 AF from 21 touches while Bailey Smith played a pure wing role ahead of him. Williams (67 AF) had to play tall with 3-4 Eagles key forwards on the ground at all times, and his scoring will improve when the match-ups allow him to intercept rather than purely defend. Scott was once again the last small defender, but was barely sighted and could be due a rest. All other roles as per Round 1.


North: Cunnington, Phillips, Hall IN – Corr, Bonar, Tyson OUT
Notable outs: Dumont, McDonald, Tarrant, Corr, Bonar, Hayden, Taylor. 

Bulldogs: Johannisen, Wood IN – Wallis, Lipinski OUT
Notable outs: Crozier, Wallis, Lipinski, Ugle-Hagan. 


North conceded the 4th-most points to Gen FWD’s last year.
North conceded the 5th-most points to MID’s last year.

Bulldogs conceded the 3rd-least points to Gen DEF’s last year.
Bulldogs conceded the 4th-most points to Key FWD’s last year.
Bulldogs conceded the 2nd-most points to RUC’s last year.


Goldstein 118, 153, 114, 118 (no Stef Martin for these, obviously)
Cunnington – INJ, 105, 89, 89

Macrae – 105, 77, 118
Bontempelli 56, 101, 120 (McDonald tag)
Hunter – DNP, 80, 142, 90
Dunkley – DNP, 119, 96
Treloar – 129, 103, 93, 131
B Smith – INJ, 93



Adelaide Oval, 7.50pm AEDT

$20,000 AUD on Draftstars ($15 entry, 35 max)
WEATHER: 27 degrees and clear, no chance of rain.
BOOKIES: Gold Coast $1.81 favourites, 168.5 over/under.


The Crows didn’t change much after a rousing Round 1 upset over the Cats, with a small drop in TOG and CBA share for the 2nd-gamer in Sam Berry the only notable shift. The rarity of a fit backline (at least in-game) meant that Seedsman was able to remain on his wing for the entire game, although sadly we were right about McPherson (26 AF) sliding back to a tall post with Kelly and Brown missing on top of a long-term Talia injury. Walker’s numbers of 120 AF from 6.3 were boosted by 4 goals from holding-the-ball decisions; let others overrate his start to the season. Sholl patrolled the opposite wing to Seedsman but couldn’t get near it when playing against the wind with the in-board kick essentially impossible without a high chance of turnover – no role issues there for the young gun. All other roles as expected, with Mackay slotting into defense with the first-choice names missing.

The Suns didn’t need to make too many changes after essentially being without Rowell in Round 1 anyway, but a couple of guys in Greenwood, Anderson and Brodie are trending in the right direction re their inside midfield clocks. Miller was massive in a typically hybrid role, scoring 130 AF from 31 touches and 8 tackles and has to be in your player pool whenever Gold Coast look like having a midfield edge. Same goes for Weller (107 AF) on the flipside of the hybrid midfield split. Swallow backed up last week’s 107 with a 93, but his heat maps matched the eye test much more snuggly with a guts/HFF his current rotation. Ellis and Lukosius were the main wingmen, which left clearer roles in defence with Bowes (92 AF, 5 kick-ins) the designated kicker and Markov (81 AF, 7 marks) the intercept defender. MacPherson (102 AF) upswung from a forward pocket, essentially playing the same role as Ainsworth after he missed Round 1 with a niggle. Day and Budarick both suffered knee injuries that’ll have them out long-term, which cast Powell as a lockdown small defender – although Day’s replacement is more likely to be someone taller than the medical sub in Holman moving forward. 


Adelaide: Kelly, Brown IN – Murray, Mackay OUT
Notable outs: Crouch, Hately, Brown, Kelly, Talia, Milera. 

Gold Coast: Harbrow, Burgess IN – Day, Budarick OUT
Notable outs: Rowell, Day, Budarick. 


Adelaide conceded the 2nd-most points to Key DEF’s last year.
Adelaide conceded the 3rd-most points to Gen DEF’s last year.
Adelaide conceded the 3rd-most points to Key FWD’s last year.
Adelaide conceded the 2nd-most points to Gen FWD’s last year.
Adelaide conceded the most points to MID’s last year.
Adelaide conceded the 4th-most points to RUC’s last year.

Gold Coast conceded the most points to Key FWD’s last year.
Gold Coast conceded the 3rd-most points to Gen FWD’s last year.
Gold Coast conceded the 4th-most points to MID’s last year.
Gold Coast conceded the 2nd-least points to RUC’s last year.


O’Brien – 118, 96
Laird99, 98, 94 (all as half back, tagged by Scheer in the 98)
B Smith – 91, 84, 93

Witts – 100, 104, 123
Miller – 128, 90, 111
Bowes – 110, DNP, 101
Greenwood – 96 (13 tackles in shortened game)


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  1. Hey TB, cheers for the bibles mate, love them! Just wanted to ask one thing. I notice that on single slates you suggest a few plays, but multi game slates you don’t…any reason for this?

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