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Adelaide Oval, 4.35pm AEST

$15,000 on Draftstars ($15 entry, 30 max)
WEATHER: 12 degrees and cloudy, possible showers with rain earlier in the day.
BOOKIES: Richmond $1.85 favourites, 113.5 over/under.


Our first instance of “active resting” was instigated by Port in this one. Travis Boak spent a lot of time across half forward with just 6 CBA’s, but it was the TOG’s of Wines (51%) and Powell-Pepper (41%) that took things to the next level. Rozee and Butters snuck in for some cameo appearances with the reductions, while Rockliff and Gray did the heavy lifting. Ladhams gladly accepted the English Boost and ran with it, finishing with season-highs in hitouts (32) and fantasy score (104). Butters did all his work off a HFF, playing more of a link role with 6 marks in his 97 AF. Houston was back in defence for the second consecutive week, and his scoring is struggling as a result. Dixon was triple-teamed but still managed 2 snags in a team-focused effort. McKenzie took most of the kick-ins. Woodcock was energetic on debut but was never going to be a high fantasy scorer without a couple of goals to his name.

Jack Ross was the big loser in Richmond’s midfield this week, with Stack and Cotchin encroaching on his tantalising Round 9 KPI’s. Bolton is getting flogged like Herbalife at a yoga class in the midfield, being force-fed all the CBA’s he can handle (even with both Cotchin and Martin notching healthy numbers). Pickett, McIntosh and Lambert rotated through the wings. Baker bobbed up with a cheeky 90, but he was more in the right place at the right time for intercept marks – Short still has the primary distributor role without Houli. Soldo had his pants pulled down and bottom smacked raw by McInerney. Higgins was a permanent forward once again – he really needs that wing time to have an impact in DFS.


Port Adelaide: Lienert, Lycett INMayes, Westhoff OUT

  • Lienert for Mayes, L4L.
  • Lycett essentially replaces Westhoff as one of the ruckmen, but who’s the big banana out of him and Ladhams? Lycett is the big dog on paper, but is coming off a medium-term injury and Ladhams has run on the board. Maybe they take six of one and half a dozen of the other and just split them down the middle like Martin/McInerney was at Brisbane or Ryder/Marshall at St Kilda?
  • I think the active resting continues here for Port. Boak/Wines/Powell-Pepper have already had theirs, so TOG and CBA flips with Rockliff/Gray would make sense.
  • Houston to remain in defence.

Notable outs: Ebert, Motlop, Marshall, Burton. 

Richmond: Caddy, Rioli IN Cotchin, Higgins OUT

  • Rioli for Higgins, L4L.
  • Caddy replaces Cotchin in the midfield, although plays more on a wing than in the guts than his skipper. Pickett and Lambert would be very happy to move in off their Round 10 wings if they had the opportunity, while Ross won’t say no to a few more centre bounce attendances.
  • Soldo up against a Lycett/Ladhams double-team is a worry.
  • Richmond surely don’t rest Dusty up forward with Cotchin managed, right? Midfield time feels a safe bet for the Brownlow Medalist this week.

Notable outs: Cotchin, Higgins, Astbury, Houli, Edwards, Prestia, Nankervis. 


Port Adelaidefantasy points overall this year.
Port Adelaide80’s this year.
Port AdelaideDEF’s this year.
Port AdelaideMID’s this year.

RichmondFWD’s this year.
RichmondRUC’s this year.


Lynch – 100, 88 (6 goals and 3 goals)
Martin – 94, DNP, DNP
Ross – DNP, 86, DNP (debut game)

Amon – 103, DNP, DNP
Boak – 96, 109
Rockliff – 90, 132, 96
Jonas – 90, 86 (9 marks in both)



Gabba, 7.40pm AEST

$25,000 on Draftstars ($15 entry, 50 max)
WEATHER: 16 degrees and partly cloudy, rain earlier in the day.
BOOKIES: Brisbane $1.39 favourites, 119.5 over/under.


McInerney took off his training wheels and ran out a full game, up to 86% TOG – and it showed in his score of 74 AF. It was a week late but, as predicted, Berry’s CBA’s were in danger with Ellis-Yolmen added to the midfield mix, although he still got the job done with 76 AF in a wing/HFF rotation. McCluggage made a couple of cameo appearances after a quiet game and 0 CBA’s in Round 9. Witherden had another belter with Rich absent, the with/without trend is pretty clear on that one. Ah Chee started in defence but went forward late once Rayner (hamstring) was ruled out of the match. Bailey was very much on a wing again, but scored a more realistic 63 AF against the reigning Premiers. Payne looked very shaky on debut, and showed with his role that he’ll rely purely on switches to score.

English returned back to the norm after some bizarre Round 9 KPI’s with Trengove in the side, but was comprehensively outplayed by Ladhams – even in his areas of strength. Dunkley played his first game since suffering an ankle injury, running out a modest 77% while knee-capping the CBA’s of Smith and Libba. On the flip side, The Bont was a full-time midfielder again in this one, having spent time up forward with a hip issue in Round 9. The Bulldogs have shown a preference for a 5-man CBA core this season, so it’ll be interesting to see how this evolves in the coming weeks if everyone stays healthy. McLean (HFF), Lipinski (wing), Richards (HFF), Roarke Smith (forward pocket) and Wallis (permanent pressure forward) were the other roles of note.


Brisbane: Rich, McStay, Birchall, Eagles INBallenden, Skinner, Payne, Rayner OUT

  • Eagles replaces Payne in defence, L4L.
  • McStay replaces Ballenden as a back-up ruckman playing up forward.
  • BirchallRich replace forwards in SkinnerRayner, so a reshuffle is in order. Ah Chee is almost guaranteed to continue to creep around the forward line as he did once Rayner was out injured during the game last week, while Starcevich has been used up forward at times this year.
  • Witherden’s appeal with both Rich and Birchall playing is severely reduced.
  • Rayner attends 5 CBA’s per game like clockwork this year, so Berry and Ellis-Yolmen might see some CBA relief.

Notable outs: Martin, A Smith, Rayner. 

Western Bulldogs: Naughton, Dale, Gardner INR Smith, Crozier, Weightman OUT

  • Bevo has done it again, bringing in 3 marking forwards for 3 very much not marking forwards.
  • That suggests that Gardner will replace Crozier in defence.
  • That leaves Naughton and Dale as vertical upgrades on Roarke Smith and Weightman in attack.
  • Wallis has been a genuine small forward all year, but McLean might have to join him deep to maintain the tall/small balance. Don’t rule out a Liberatore forward-time increase with Dunkley’s return to the midfield and his first game back out of the way – the CBA’s are bursting at the seams.

Notable outs: Crozier, Hunter, Suckling. 


Brisbanefantasy points overall this year.
BrisbaneDEF’s this year.
BrisbaneMID’s this year.
BrisbaneFWD’s last 5 rounds.

Western Bulldogsfantasy points overall this year.
Western Bulldogs80’s last 5 rounds.
Western Bulldogs FWD’s last 5 rounds.
Western Bulldogs RUC’s this year.
Western Bulldogs HITOUTS this year.


Robinson – 129, 124, 94
Neale91, 91 (no tags)
Lyons – 96, 89
Zorko – INJ, 134, 115 (tagged by Honeychurch)
Witherden – 73, 88, 91
Cameron – 91, 38, 125
Bailey – 33, -1

Macrae – 151, 98, 155
Bontempelli – 139, 98, 117
Dunkley – 113, 127, 95
Daniel – 91, 64, 92

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