Meet the men behind the brand-new movement redefining

the Australian DFS landscape!

We’re a mix of brain & braun with a touch of crazy.

But there’s one thing we all have in common – we’re all a little bit too passionate about DFS.

In particular, we believe AFL DFS is the best fantasy sport on the planet and are heavily invested in seeing the industry grow to its potential.

We’re starting on this journey by offering world-class education and tools to our members – working hard on closing the gap between the professional and average player.

We’re all about encouraging the up and coming players to develop their game and get hooked on AFL DFS, just like us!

We’ve built a positive and supportive community that we will continue to grow along with the DraftStuds offering.
Come join us, with our tools, content and community to let your AFL fantasy knowledge and skill reach its full potential.

After transitioning from an online poker career in 2016, Chris ‘chriseddy999’ Edwards burst onto the DFS scene, quickly establishing himself as the #1 AFL DFS player, constantly featuring atop leaderboards.

Over the next 4 years, Chris managed to finish every AFL season either #1 or #2 in total profits, making him the biggest winner in the history of AFL DFS.

Chris has taken a step back from playing this season, rolling up his sleeves to tackle building a new business and creating a fun and positive DFS community with the DraftStuds team.

Now that he’s obsessed with creating innovative solutions for the industry, we all finally have a chance to win!

As the community will attest, Alex ‘Tbetta9’ Trombetta’s content is… put simply… a thing of beauty. Tbetta knows the ins-and-outs of AFL like the back of his hand.

Watch and learn from the way he dissects team-sheets and analyses potential role changes. Tbetta is a self confessed AFL nut and with more time on his hands, he is dedicating more time to focus on his AFL DFS career in 2020. Look out leaderboards in 2021, he’s one of the most talented players in the land.

At the ripe age of 23, Jason ‘Broady4_’ Broad successfully climbed the lobbies from small stakes, right into the high-stakes beast he is today.

Jason specialises in AFL DFS, profiting more than any other player in the back half of 2019. However, he’s not a one-trick-pony.

An exceptional DFS player in a host of sports, Jason has a strong grasp on the theoretical concepts required to win at the game. His previews and theoretical content will help you think like a pro.

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