How AFL DFS Players Can Plunder The World’s Most Valuable Arsenal Of DFS Tools, Secrets & Profit Strategies … 

A Moment In AFL DFS History
Unlike Any Other

We are witnessing a moment in AFL DFS history that will never be repeated.

With the AFL’s shocking announcement of constant footy for 20 days until Monday 17 August 2020 …

The number of contests on DraftStars each week has exploded … which means there’s mountains of money on the table in the weekly prize pools. 

That means NOW is an incredible chance for DFS players who have an “edge” (like the one we’re about to offer you today) to rise to the top, and take the profits.

The Opportunity
To Profit Like ‘Kings’

But the news gets better — because not long ago, US giant DraftKings moved into the AFL space.

That means right now, the pools are swarming with new American DFS players who have NO idea how AFL works … and are practically donating their funds to the pools for Aussies to clean up.

Even better: 

DraftKings are putting up their own prize pools … meaning we could realistically see weekly prize pools up to 5X what we’re used to seeing!

For new DFS players, this is a once-in-a lifetime chance to ‘break in’ while the going is good, and the competition is soft. 

And for battle-hardened DFS veterans … it’s an unprecedented opportunity to make out like bandits, and load up your coffers with treasure from our American friends. 

And especially now, because …

Finally, AFL DFS’s Greatest Players
Are Sharing Their Secrets

At DraftStuds our mission is to provide the highest-quality AFL DFS content in the world. 

So we’ve gathered the game’s best, most notorious and most profitable players … chriseddy999, Tbetta, and broady4 … 

And we’ve spent months creating a package to help DFS players of any level improve their playing … become more profitable … and walk away with more cash in their pockets each week.

And now — as this 20-day footy bonanza kicks off — we’re finally ready to launch it.

Introducing …

DraftStuds Dominator™ 

With a DraftStuds Dominator™ membership, you’ll get the “keys to the castle” with FULL access to all our Dominator tools — the same tools we’ve used to rule the roost in Aussie DFS, including:

  • The Lineup Genius™ (NEW)

This is the exact tool chriseddy999 uses every week to stay one of the most profitable players in the sport.

 It’s a lineup generator stacked with his hand-tuned player projections … with FULL capability for DraftStars AND DraftKings. And it makes it “push-button” simple to generate stacks of optimised lineups in seconds!

  • The Tbetta Bible™

The Tbetta Bible is the ULTIMATE preview for EVERY game of every week. It’s comfortably the best and most thorough AFL DFS preview in Australia. Nothing else comes close.

Every week, DraftStuds resident expert Tbetta covers all the team sheet changes and shows you how to make plays off them.

It’s like reading the coach’s mind … and getting the inside tip before anyone else.

  • chriseddy999’s Game Theory

The “Game Theory” videos are bite-sized sessions with chriseddy999 where he runs through the entire upcoming slate — and gives a comment on every player in the slate!

If you don’t have time to check out the massive, in-depth Tbetta Bible, the Game Theory videos are a handy alternative. You can watch it in 10 minutes on your phone at the pub … and pick up priceless wisdom from one of the game’s top players.

  • The DraftStuds Game Plan™ 

The Game Plan is a hand-picked list of 8-12 players from each slate with Chris or Broady’s recommendation of floor, ceiling, or both:

Think of this as your quick ‘cheat sheet’ for who to play in your teams for that extra “edge” that 99% of other players don’t have.

It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to boost your long-term profitability starting TODAY … with almost zero effort. 

  • ADVANCED: DraftStuds Study Sessions™

These ‘study sessions’ are like getting an advanced degree in DFS … delivered in just 20 minutes a week.

You’ll get a regular deep-dive into the most important concepts that keep the DraftStuds team at the top of the game. Just a few past topics include:

  • Coronaball — How the COVID19 changes are affecting the way the game is played … and how to play the trend to your advantage
  • Bankroll management — Discover the secrets (used by the world’s top poker players) to manage your money so you can keep playing even when the cash starts running low
  • Game selection — How to pick the contests where you have an innate “edge” over everyone else … and dominate them

This could be the most valuable part of this entire subscription. The secrets we share in these ‘study sessions’ have been worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to us. 

  • VIP Chat Room

As part of your membership you’ll also be handed a “golden envelope” with a private invitation to our exclusive VIP Discord chat.

This is the ONLY place you can hang out with chriseddy999, Tbetta, broady, and a community of the TOP DFS players in Australia to ask your questions. This is NOT a free community — only an exclusive “who’s who” of the best and brightest minds in AFL DFS.

Why Are We
Charging For This?

Because it’s the best AFL DFS info in Australia — in fact, in the entire world.

The “free” content you will find elsewhere has nothing on the quality of what you’ll get with DraftStuds Dominator™. And the measly membership fee you spend on DraftStuds Dominator™ could easily come flooding back 100x, if you apply just a fraction of the tools and strategies we’ll give you. 

If you want free content — plenty of other options out there.

Just remember … in DFS, as in life, you get what you pay for. 

When you’re ready to join the big boys and start winning real money, we’ll be here. Along with the hundreds of other happy DFS players who’ve joined us, and who are already dominating the contests each week. 

Day Pass
$4.95 for 1 day
$19.95 / week
$59.95 / month

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