The last 7 days are a blur…

My play is atrocious. Writing is rushed. And I’ve probably had more coffees than meals in the last week.

I feel like I’m a single breath away from losing the plot – but here’s the thing…

I loooove it.

Sounds cliche’, but it’s true: I’ve learnt more in the last 6 months, than I have in the previous 6 years leading up to it.

This post is focused on the events that have transpired over the last week and what it means to DraftStuds and the wider community.

Anyway, let’s get stuck straight in!


It seems like every day, a new challenge is put towards us. It’s absolute madness and a credit to everyone behind the scenes who has got DraftStuds to where it is, in such a short time.

The way I’m dealing with all this mayhem is the exact same way I learnt to deal with everything through my poker/DFS/investing lives:


“…hang on! What on Earth do you mean by that, Chris, you complete and utter nuff?”

Let me explain…


Living each day, moment-to-moment, with no set destination for this endeavour.

It feels like we have a million ideas for the Studs, but we’re not yet 100% sure on which is the best for the community.

The plan is to ensure DraftStuds remains fluid enough to cater for the space in the optimal way.

If this means one more week of free content so we can figure out the optimal solution, so be it.


I’ve jumped into the business world, with no experience other than a joke of an organisational-behaviour unit at uni.

But I do have great experience in understanding peoples’ intentions and the expected value behind any deal we’re making.

I’m never trying to oversell DraftStuds to potential partners or looking to sleight them at the business table. If anything, I prefer to undersell our company so that our partners are delighted once we do proceed with them.

I can hear the business-savvy people shudder!

But hey – I’m just looking for connections with good people, as I know that they’ll reciprocate the honesty, leading to a mutually beneficial deal where we’re both happy for a long time.


Seeing each situation that comes across the desk for exactly what it is. No mayo, no bias, just pure objectivity.

Whether that’s at the negotiation table, whether it’s a conflict that’s arisen internally, or whether it’s a competitor trying to quell our influence, I’m not concerned.

I’ll simply remove all the bias from the equation, understand the intention behind the action or the value behind the proposition, and proceed from there. 

It’s holding me in good stead so far, I’ll continue to do it until proven otherwise.


Three MASSIVE pieces of news in the Australian DFS landscape:

1. DRAFTKINGS entered the AFL scene!

Not only that, they went toe-to-toe with Draftstars in pool size, every contest. For those new to AFL DFS – this is the big news we’ve been waiting for! :drooling_face::drooling_face:

This gives American players a direct, legal route to playing Daily Fantasy AFL games.

But what does this mean for the typical Aussie DFS player?

  • The option to play for massive prizes on two sites now.
  • There’s a big group of cashed-up Americans, who have never even watched a game of footy before, keen as mustard to throw their money in these pools!
  • A period that you’ll likely have a higher expectation than normal in the AFL DFS games.
  • A chance to sharpen your skills while the Americans’ models aren’t refined.

Previously, the only way you could play AFL DFS games was through Australian clients like Draftstars.

Now, with the inclusion of some BIG playing Americans, our pools will very likely inflate to sizes we’ve never seen before.

If Esports grew 100x in pools overnight when Coronavirus struck, what can our great game of AFL DFS do? Perhaps Broady’s vision isn’t too far away after all! :eyes::eyes:

2. DRAFTSTARS lobby changes

We got the $5 games!!

Draftstars have completely revamped their lobby and it’s great. It’s everything we’ve been asking for.

It means the small-stakes players now have a genuine chance to build their bankroll before testing themselves in the free-for-all $15s.

I’m getting a lot of newcomers ask the same thing:

“Should I spend my $150 on 10x $15 lineups? Or should I spread it into the lower contests?”

My answer’s always the same! Spread it into the lower contests. The more entries you’re doing, the more strategies you can implement.

You should also get used to entering a lot of teams – you’ll need to sharpen that skill set if you’re ever going to make it to the $15s :chart_with_upwards_trend:

3. DRAFTSTARS ‘Beginner only’ contests!


DRAFTSTARS have removed the ability for the strong regulars to play in games lower than $5.

As they always do, the Australian DFS giant moved swiftly in response to the community’s outcry for healthier games.

For those wondering what the criteria is, to determine who gets banned and who doesn’t – here’s a link to the email I received:

I hear a lot of anger directed at certain regulars for their stances on this. And I completely get it – it’s frustrated me for years.

And to be frank, it’s not even the tip of the iceberg of the unethical things that occur behind the scenes with these types of people.

But what I’ve found in gambling ecosystems is, there aren’t many overly conscious people at the top ends of these industries. Everyone at the top is constantly mindful of protecting their edge with their own personal interests at heart.

The good news is…

We’re here to change that.

Not only us, but Draftstars too! It’s rare to see a company move so actively like Draftstars are. FLUID! :clap:


[Total remaining: $86,400]

I finished Round 2 -$600 AUD :chart_with_downwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend:

Yep, that’s a rotten negative sign before the 600!

A dirty playing week for me. And I wish I could say it was just bad luck – it wasn’t. My play was horrendous throughout most of Round 2.

I played 7 slates altogether. Outlaying somewhere around $15-20k all up. I’d say I played 6 of the 7 quite poorly.

I’m not beating myself up for it at all though, plenty of things outside of my control occurred.


  • +$4,000 ish on the Saturday thanks largely to my cash team. Here’s a picture that completely misrepresents my round, but makes me feel good showing:


  • Having the perfect 150 lineups set up and ready to go on DK for the Coll/Rich game, only to completely stuff up the CSV upload on DraftKings. This led to duplicate entries EVERYWHERE. I was tilting pretty hard, and still am slightly.
  • Having 27% of Kyron Hayden despite not even being in my short list. To be frank, I couldn’t even tell you what he looks like! Teething issue. Won’t happen again.
  • Going hard on GWS and WB stacks on the Sunday slate. This is something I’m guilty of repeatedly. Going too hard on the ‘certain’ stacks and then failing when they don’t come through.

My poor play was reflected in the -$600 result. And if I’m being honest with myself, I’m probably lucky the result wasn’t worse!

Though as I said, I’m not gonna beat myself up my Round 2 showing. I’ll lift in Round 3 :muscle:.


I had no idea how much workload I’d have come my way when starting this site.

The weekly blog posts were a little ambitious :flushed::flushed:

I’m being a complete and utter coward and changing this format to a monthly one.

I don’t want to publish half-efforted blog posts every Monday. I’d love to write on a weekly basis, but I simply don’t have the time!

A monthly P and L will allow me extra time to sort everything before I write, leaving each post a lot more efficient and informative for everyone moving forward.


Hope you all had a ripping first week of footy being back! I’m doing my best to get back to each DM and email with all the strat questions.

As always, I’m all ears to any suggestions (from anyone at all!) in ways to improve our platform – if you’ve got something you’d like to see, flick it to our support! We have some seriously large developments occurring behind the scenes, I hope you guys join us on wherever this journey goes.

We’re in for some ride.

See you in the lobbies,


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  1. Holy shit. Not knowing what Hayden looked like… neither did I. Most people wouldn’t be this honest. Good on you. One thing I’ve learnt from my job is that there is no point in reviewing hand histories if your not going to be 100% honest and brutal on yourself and making conscious decisions to learn and change. Good read. You guys are killing it! Goodluck.

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