Hey guys,

Welcome to the first edition of the blog!

I’ll be analysing my own plays, discussing plenty of mental aspects in the game, as well as touching on key industry topics when they arise. I’m hoping to give members insights into the thoughts behind my plays, as well as the DFS strategies behind those thoughts! This will be a fun way to hold myself accountable to a high standard of play throughout the 2020 season…

Anyway.. let’s get it into the thick of it!

What can you expect?

  • Graphs. Weekly profit and loss updates
  • Objective reviews of my plays
  • Analysis of leaderboards
  • Some tilted rants if I’m downswinging
  • Occasional betting tips 
  • Commentary on industry related topics

What can you gain?

  • Understanding the thought processes behind professional standard play
  • Developing the correct mindset when reviewing your lineups
  • Developing good habits that will ensure your DFS journey is on the upward trajectory
  • Connect with similar level players and talk strategy with them 
  • A voice through our platform. We always represent the player.
  • A chance to call me a useless bastard if/when I fall $50k short of the goal :D.

Speaking of which…

$100k Challenge


No way around it – that’s a large figure. But one I think I can achieve!

I’ve never gone over the $100k mark in any AFL DFS season prior to this, so I’m definitely an underdog here. Especially with the season missing 6 rounds :angry:.

Luckily for me, I had a field day on the Sunday slate and managed to finish Round 1 +$14,200 :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Does that have me overly confident in achieving a goal that’s impossible if DraftKings don’t enter the scene?

Probably. [Late Edit: DRAFTKINGS ACTUALLY JUST ENTERED THE SCENE :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:]

Nevertheless, it was a ripper start that I want to sneakily take advantage of!

Round 1 Update: +$14,200 [$85,800 remaining]


Here’s a look at my top 3 lineups that won me over $10k:

In case you missed it, the highlighted players in the image above were all selections in my weekly preview, the Cheat Sheet!

If you had followed the advice in there, you would’ve certainly had yourself a decent day at the office. However, $14,200 is a massive weekend for me and doesn’t reflect my true win rate. I can’t promise the Cheat Sheet will deliver accuracy like that every slate. DFS is a game of ups and downs. Some weeks you nail all your DFS picks, other weeks you completely miss them.

I can guarantee you all of my picks will be good long term plays, but I can’t guarantee anything in terms of their performance on the night.

Besides, hopefully the education on DraftStuds has you in a position to make your own picks, with your own strategies! But until then, you may as well use mine to bump your ROI ;).

As I’m sure you’ll soon see, some weeks I’ll have monster profits, some weeks I’ll finish in the negatives. It can be very stressful to deal with…

But that’s where this blog comes in! 

Why am I doing this?

I’m hoping this blog can help me stick to the habits I know serve my game well, keeping my mind sharp all weekend.

  • Staying grounded in the big wins, while never getting too dejected in the downswings.
  • Making sure I’m nailing a particular aspect of my process.
  • Making sure my time is being used efficiently in the hours leading up to the game.
  • Minimising time spent on Twitter before slates.
  • Avoid jumping from DFS to betting too often, and vice-versa.

I could go on!

I’m unhappy with many aspects of my DFS process. This blog will provide me the ultimate accountability to enforcing those habits that hold my game in good stead. If I don’t employ those key DFS concepts, I’m not going anywhere near the $100k.

But isn’t this going to hurt your edge in the games?

This is the most common question I get asked when describing the business plan!

I don’t see it panning out that way…

The way I see it – anyone can be gifted all the information required to succeed at DFS, but by no means does the recipient of that information instantly turn into a good player.

Much like chess, trading the stock market, or playing poker, the knowledge must be acquired through practice before it’s truly understood.

Besides, I’ve probably got my rose-coloured glasses on, but I see a huge future for AFL DFS here in Australia and potentially the States, too. I believe that quality education is the key to the long-term sustainability of the Australian DFS games.

If the herds coming across from Dreamteam and Supercoach begin their DFS journeys with the same DFS tools and understanding of key DFS concepts as the rest of us, their playing experience gets 100x better!

Their dollar will stretch further, which has a snowball effect (in a good way) on the longevity of the games. With the Australian betting market crumbling at the hands of greedy corporate bookmakers, a peer-to-peer platform with a fantasy community is the perfect solution for the punter.

To oversimplify a very complex DFS system:

More serious DFS players = healthier DFS ecosystem

If the overall education level of the community rises to a point where all of these diehard DT and SC guys are loaded with the same software weapons that all the pros have, then it’s a pure test of footy knowledge and game theory.

Bigger prize pools. Healthy games. Pure footy knowledge.

That’s the dream!

Purely from a top player’s perspective; I don’t see much downside, if any, to this endeavour! I’m certainly a bit hesitant about giving my projections away, but I feel it’s necessary. Check them out, they’re all free this week and this week only through the Lineup Genius.

Leveling the playing field through fun, smooth software is healthy for the sustainability of these games moving forward.

That’s why DraftStuds is committed to giving the best education we can to our members.

Good luck in the games, see you in the lobbies!


Feel free to sign up to my mail list for some light reading each Monday night at 8pm AEST for profit and loss updates, betting tips, DFS advice, updates on DraftStuds and whatever else I’m mumbling on about during the week!

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