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Tbetta has gone down with carpel tunnel from typing too much good content, so I’m here to fill in for the next coupla days.

Let’s get at it!

carlton v adelaide

Metricon, 1:05pm AEST.
Odds: Carlton $1.41, Adelaide $3.25
Weather: Potentially raining


Gibbons is the one I’m licking my lips at among those changes. A little pricey at $11,500 but conditions should suit. He provides a nice, low-ownership GPP play.

Lynch I’d typically be fond of at $11,040, but not so much with the threat of potential rain.

We all gave up on Bryce Gibbs’ fantasy game a season or two ago didn’t we? Doesn’t look like he enjoys football anymore! Until that changes, I’m happy to continue to avoid him.

game script

It’s a tough one to predict not knowing how the weather will pan out. But the obviously play here is to favour Carlton players with your selections, specifically Carlton mids.

If the ball is wet or dry, it won’t matter to the likes of Cripps/Walsh/Curnow and co. Marc Murphy looks a nice price at $11,420 too :eyes:.

The other thing to consider…

Sam Docherty was once a God walking among mere mortals in the fantasy land. Could we ever see him upswing as hard as his 2017 average of 116 again?

Regardless, he’s faaar too cheap at $11,890 – get the DOCHTOR in!

hawthorn v western bulldogs

Adelaide Oval, 3:35pm AEST.
Odds: Hawthron $3.95, Western Bulldogs $1.33
Weather: Slight potential for rain


Big Boy Mcevoy is the one that catches the eye there. His inclusion means Ceglar likely splits the ruck duties, making both of them a no-go for me.

Suckling at a very, very tempting $10k is worth a nibble without doubt.

game script

I’ll be looking to target the Dogs here, and pretty hard. I think they’ll get off the chain with a lot of possession. Particularly through the backline and midfield, where the Hawks leak hard.

I’ll be looking at your typical +6 guys where I can for the dogs. Guys like Macrae, Dunkley, Suckling, even Tim English. 

If the rain’s around, Dunkley becomes an absolute lock:lock:, if he’s not already.

sydney v brisbane

Cazaly’s Stadium, 18:10 AEST.
Odds: Sydney $1.39, Brisbane $3.4
Weather: High chance of showers


Enough changes to make Tbetta throw up! And not to mention, the weather is tricky for the third (out of three) game here. Tough conditions all round.

Amartey looks delicious at $5k in the ruck. A sole ruckman at minimum price? FEED IT :rocket:

Apart from that, CEY could go well if the rain comes, definitely worth a look at $10,400, but not a great look. Fade.

Bell, Stephens and Mills are all proven performers at their price points and need some thought.

game script

Like a broken record, it depends on the weather yet again.

With rain more likely in this affair than the other two, you can safely say it will be an inside scrap.

This means there will be plenty of contested ball and tackles up for grabs. Inside mids like Parker, JPK, Zorko, Neale, Berry… you get the point… are all great spots to invest some salary in this matchup.

Closing thoughts

If you want to play the day slate safely, avoid playing too many marking forwards. Skew your picks towards players who’ll perform well in both the dry and the wet, so you’re covered for either outcome :slight_smile:

I’ll be looking pretty hard at the three favourites, and stacking their midfields with Amartey as the ruckman. I’m expecting many lineups to follow this structure, it’s just about nailing the right stack.

GL everyone!

See you in the lobbies,

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