Welcome to the Sunday edition of the Cheat Sheet

The Cheat Sheet runs through every slate, by position, giving my best Cash and Tournament picks for the slate.

I can’t see any obvious stacking candidates – I envision most games being played out evenly without any major floggings occurring. However, I think West Coast are a decent chance of running over the Demons, but it’s nowhere near a certainty.

The money today is around nailing your value. After careful consideration of the slate, here’s what I’ve got…


Cash and Tournament: Ben McEvoy ($6,680)

You just can’t go past Big Boy McEvoy at that price.

Yeah he’s playing off the half back now and that’s going to drastically affect his output…

But he’s still too cheap!

He reads the footy well in the air and has a really sticky set of mitts for a big man. And it’s my sneaking suspicion that Alistair Clarkson has the Big Boy pencilled in for a McGovern-style intercept role, which wouldn’t be terrible for his fantasy output, should it eventuate.

Either way it pans out, I’m pretty happy playing a heap of him at $6,680.


Cash and Tournament: Jarrod Brander ($6,500)

The young Eagle is coming off scores of 45 and 57 over the Marsh games – both of which you’d be somewhat satisfied with at that price.

The versatile 3rd gamer has seen a role change to the wing, replacing Chris Masten. In such a fantasy friendly role, I’d expect Brander to at least get 40 tomorrow.

But if you’re lucky and you hit his upside here, he can land you a 70+! Leaving you in a really nice place for a tilt at some top 5 positions on the leaderboard.


Cash: Andrew Gaff ($15,790)

Andrew Gaff hates scoring anything less than 100 (=80 in current 16-min conditions) and I can’t see this week being an exception. Melbourne have likely hired the services of Adam Tomlinson and Ed Langdon to stem the outside run of their opposition – a place on the ground they were hurt so, so often in 2019.

Can they fix this problem over night though? Probably not.

Andrew Gaff loves playing in Perth, and if there’s anyone who’s going to get you on the spread, it’s the hard-running Gaff.

Tournament: Adam Tomlinson ($9,860)

The GWS utility was traded to the Demons in the off-season and looks to be revelling in a new role at the Dees. He pumped out a MASSIVE 134 in the second Marsh game, underlying just how big his upside really is.


I’m not fully convinced.

The concern for me is that the Eagles in Perth are a very hard side to score fantasy points against.

It will be interesting to see if the removal of the ‘noise of affirmation’ affects things this weekend!

I’ll be playing a fair few lineups with Tomlinson included, but nothing drastic.

Both: Jack Viney ($12,760)

The Demons skipper has been in ripping nick all preseason – he looks as fit as a fiddle in March for the first time in years.

And boy did it show in his fantasy output. He piled on a 110 and 114 at a whopping 1.32PPM!

Huge output from a man who used to be known as a fantasy gun. He looks fitter than ever, I like him at this price. His risk/reward is great.

But don’t go too silly on him – he’s injury prone.

You never want to be in the position where you’ve got a guy like Jack Viney in every single one of your lineups, only for him to tear his hamstring completely off the bone, 10 minutes into the first.

Not fun at all.


Lock: Majak Daw ($5,000)

The pick of the slate. Majak is just far too cheap here. Shut the Daw on that one. He’ll return you value 9/10 at that price – get him in!

Be careful though, he might be a late out. If he plays, LOCK.

*Note, we’ve just found out Majak is a late out. Exclude him from all teams!

If you’re looking for someone to swap to: Grant Birchall (9,260) will return value very often here – great cash play.

Cash: Shannon Hurn ($11,910)

I really like Hurn’s floor at this price. The Eagles ex-captain is the designated kicker in the side, taking almost every kick-in without fail. You rarely see him venture below the 70 region – that’s a risk profile I’m very happy to invest in.


Lastly, there’s a man who requires a conversation just for his selection alone. We’re talking about one of the all-time great fantasy scorers – his name is Tom Mitchell ($15,500). The man is a freak of nature when he’s up and running. He’s a unique beast in this game, your time would be well spent knowing exactly where you want to stand on him.

Is this the same Tom Mitchell as before? Or has the injury left him a shadow of his former pig self?

Only time will tell.

As always – good luck in the games!

See you in the lobbies,

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