Study Sessions

Understanding Value

UNDERSTANDING VALUE What does ‘hitting value’ mean? What number should we assign a player in order for them to achieve value?  Chriseddy, 19th August. Following up from last week’s 150-Rule, this week’s study session goes one step further into the DFS concept of player value. Without doubt, you would’ve heard the DFS folk constantly refer to a …

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Ownership Theory

OWNERSHIP THEORY So, you’ve learnt about the benefits of mass multi-entry in DFS, but how exactly do you optimise your chances of long-term profitability? Good DFS strategy is all about putting your money in good spots and managing risk. Rinse and repeat. We need to structure our DFS portfolios in a way that ensures our …

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Leaderboard Study

LEADERBOARD STUDY In a new series exclusively for Draftstuds, I’ll be looking at one of the big winners over the weekend and analysing not only their winning lineup, but also their strategies as a whole, including exposures and any stacking preferences. This will be mainly focused on the mass-multi entry players, but any exceptional performances …

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Coronaball Round 1 was a weird time for all of us. Players, fans, officials, and even us fantasy addicts. Grown men were baking their own sourdoughs, for Christ’s sake. Covid-19 was spreading the globe and nothing was certain anymore, including whether Round 1 would even go ahead. As we know, it ultimately did, but with …

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