Ben ‘BVB21’ Chinner, September 11th.

For those who don’t know me, I go by the name of BVB21 on Draftstars.

“I have never seen you win a main GPP!!! Where’s chriseddy999 and Broady4???”

Well the reason you haven’t seen me in the main GPP is because I don’t play it.That’s right, I’m a small stakes grinder in poker terms. So how can I help you? Well I am you. Or, I was you.

That’s right I was successful at Supercoach & AFL fantasy and I decided to move over to DFS.

How hard can it be? I am a top 1% player every year, I will teach these guys a thing or two.

Or so I thought. I jumped straight into the $15 comps and entered my 5-10 teams and proceeded to get my ass handed to me by names like chriseddy99, Broady4, Rwhelan09 who seemed to win every contest.

Well I know it can’t be that I suck right? It must be the fact these guys have more entries. That’s why they are winning more. I up my entries to 20. The more teams I enter the more I lose and now this shit is getting real. I am $3k in the hole after a few weeks and ready to give it up.

My next move defined my DFS career.

I swallowed my pride and went and played the mini comps.

Yeah that’s right – those $2 comps I thought I was too good for and a waste of time.

The result was I started to win. Only small amounts, but it’s better then losing, right? However, my hourly was pathetic. It wasn’t worth the effort. UNLESS you decide to invest your time in building a bankroll and eventually move back up where you can start to make some serious money.

I realised the Mini’s on Draftstars weren’t going to cut it, so I ventured over to Moneyball where they had a 50 max entry $2 comp. I proceeded to crush this contest when all the pro’s seemed to only be interested in the main comp.

My bankroll was moving in the right direction and I quickly won two tickets to the live final in Melbourne with a $50K first prize.

“Imagine what that could do for my bankroll”, I thought.

I arrive at the live final and realise a lot of these guys all know each other and I had only been playing for a few months. I definitely felt out of place. I only hope Draftstars bring this back next year and we can have a DraftStuds table and fill all the top spots on the leaderboard.

Unfortunately, my two teams finished in the middle of the pack and I watched as DraftStuds member ‘JusticeAlbatraoz’ otherwise known as ‘asanque’ lift the $50K winner’s cheque.

Anyway, I finished the 2019 year up a respectable $6K – which is not bad considering how much I was down at the start of the year.

The 2020 season comes around and once again I start to enter the $15 comps and proceed to lose the majority of my winnings from last year.

“OK back to Moneyball 50 max entry $2 I go!”…

But this year I have a problem – Moneyball is gone!

What I am going to do? I can’t just play the 10/15 max $2 comps on Draftstars.

Well in steps my knight in shining armour.

Chriseddy999 has been lobbying Draftstars for quite some time about them increasing their range of contests for low stakes players.

After Chris’ repeated attempts for the community, Draftstars eventually come to the party with the Fiver and Micro and I am back in business!

I stop entering the $15 comps and proceed to enter every low stakes comp I can and studying the top players teams to improve my own game and fix my leaks.

Then to make things better chriseddy999, Broady4 and Tbetta launch DraftStuds. A first of its kind website that helps players improve and start winning (no worries about the plug, boys!).

I read every article chriseddy999 writes, I study Tbetta’s bible and Broady4’s game plan and my game moves to a new level.

Above are my results that I posted in the discord group. This is a 30-day period from late July-August during the run of a game every day.

I won 9 contests in the period for a very healthy $3746.64 profit.

The best thing? It’s tax-free money.

Most people will probably look at this graph and think yeah but you max enter everything. I can’t max enter the Fiver you say. Well you don’t have to.

If we break down this graph there are some important takeaways:

The contests with the most max entries have the lowest ROI.

That’s right – I won more money from those waste of time $2 comps then the fiver.

Don’t get me wrong, I love winning a Fiver and beating the top guys. But as you can see from the above results, you win a lot more money when you can play with people at your level.

Chriseddy999 praised the decision on his twitter feed.

You know you have truly made it when you receive and email like this.

So next time you see yourself in the Draftstars lobby about to enter that $15 comp click below the line and max enter the Mini instead.

If you just copy projections from some website into a cruncher and max enter and expect to print money then unfortunately that won’t work but if you read all the articles and study the top players teams then you are headed in the right direction.

After two very profitable small stakes seasons, I will be making the leap to max enter the $15 mains next year.

However, I will be game selecting and only doing so in slates I have a high degree of confidence in.

I hope to see some other Studders join me on a journey to the top.

Good luck to you all!






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